If you are still not sure what lace color to go with, it is best to go with Transparent lace color as you can easily blend it in with your powder or liquid for a flawless and undetectable look!!!

Recently, there is a lace very popular in the US beauty market, it is transparent lace closure & frontal. Why it is so popular? Let us reveal the mask and tell you the truth.

Some vendors call it HD lace closure/ frontal, as a matter of fact, the transparent lace is the same shape as the regular medium brown lace, and the function is the same. Just a difference in the color of the lace. Because the color of lace is transparent, you are not afraid the color doesn’t match your skin. If you want the color is the same as your skin, you can use some cosmetics to modify it.

To meet our sincere customers’ requirements, we have this new products-transparent lace closure & Frontal, The transparent lace closure has 4 sizes in GHAIR, they are 4*4 transparent lace closure, 5*5 transparent lace, 6*6 transparent lace, 7*7 transparent lace, the color of lace is transparent. While the transparent lace frontal size is 13*4 ear to ear.

Now let us give you a guide about the transparent lace closure and transparent lace frontal.

  1. Natural black human hair, unprocessed. It is easy to color, you can bleach and dye it to any color you favorite.
  2. Transparent lace, 130% density, free part. The color of the lace is transparent, you can tint the lace to match your own skin. The hair sew in on the lace is not too thick nor too thin, it is an international standard. All the transparent lace closure is a free part, you can make the hairline by yourself according to your face style. Some customer thinks the closure is not too thick, actually, when you process the hair and make a wig, you will cut and pick some of the hair to make the wig more natural. So it is not the thicker, the better.
  3. bleach knots. It is powerful and strong, don’t be afraid to be worn. You can bleach the knots by the proper way, or you will ruin the lace and the hair, it will shedding. Because you know the hair sew in the lace, there is a knot, if you bleach way to destroy the knots, the hair will break and shed. So it is very important to use the correct way to bleach your lace closure.Transparent lace is the most versatile that you can tint the lace in any color you need.