(PS:Different company has a different definition on hair grade)

9A:Indian hair

Location:  Located in Southern Asia.  It borders Pakistan, China, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

Origin:  Indian Hair originates from the Tirupati temples, where the women shave their hair as an offering to the gods.Features: There are two forms of Indian Hair that you can get. The Indian Hair Remy has been lightly processed to modify the hair and textures. Indian hair is thick and straight. The hair dries wavy. Indian Hair comes in very dark colors so be wary of lighter colors of Indian Hair.

Verdict: Indian Hair is good if you want shiny, straight hair. It is very easy to straighten Indian hair. The hair is thick and coarse. The Indian Hair comes in dark colors and can have extremely long lengths. Indian Hair is good if you want to do straight, sleek, and shiny hairstyles. Do not use this hair if you want body or bounce.


9A hair is cheaper, all textures available, large profit, if your market positioning is intermediate, 9A will meet you inquire well.

9A+: Burmese Hair


Location: Burma is located in south-east Asia. It borders China, Bangladesh, Thailand, and India

Origin:  Burmese  Hair is sourced from three of the Hindu temples within Burma, as well as local Burmese women, who donate their hair.  Local Burmese women will sacrifice their hair in donations to the temple or to acquire money to pay for school or medical bills.   A lot of the hair from Burma is sent to China, Taiwan,  Japan,  Thailand or India, for it to be packaged.

Features:  Burmese Hair is a cross between Chinese hair and Indian hair.

The hair is extremely healthy and resilient and takes heat extremely well compared to other hair extensions.  The hair is naturally straight with a slight curl at the end of the virgin hair.  The hair comes in dark colors to dark browns.

Verdict:  If you like naturally straight hair this is the hair to go for.  It is extremely hard to wear and lasts for a long time compared to other hair.  The only downside is that it only comes straight with a slight curl and can sometimes be quite resilient to curling the hair, when it is curled the curls do not hold for very long.


9A+ hair extremely tough can bleach color purely if your want dye dark color such as red, green, purple, blue, 99J, brown, #27 we suggest you take this Burmese hair

10A: Chinese Hair


Location:  China is located in East Asia

Origin:  Chinese hair is usually sold by Chinese women for a profit who need to support families financially.  China is such a diverse country, with

a big divide between rich and more.  Meaning poorer Chinese families need to make ends meet and a way of doing this is by selling their hair.

Features:  Chinese hair is naturally straight.  Very coarse and very shiny. The hair comes in very dark colors.  If anyone offers you a color light than color 2, this is not virgin Chinese hair, it will usually come in jet black.  The hair is extremely hard to curl but will curl after excessive heat.  The hair is extremely silky, smooth, and glossy.

Verdict:  virgin Chinese hair that has been well taken of can be very good for straight shiny hairstyles. The hair does not curl easily, so the hair is not as versatile as other virgin hair on the market.  Because China is the main manufacturer of hair extensions, most virgin hair is actually Chinese hair.


10A hair is tough and cuticle aligned, washed many times under high temperature sterilize, can be bleached to #613 then dye another light color, if your client like bleached the hair to light color, we suggest you take Chinese hair.

10A+: Vietnamese Hair

Location: Southeastern Asia, bordering the Gulf of Thailand, China, Laos, and Cambodia.

Mongolia is located in Eastern Asia, right between Russia and China. The country of Mongolia is entirely landlocked

Features: This ethnic hair is typically thicker strand and low to medium-low luster. Easily lifts for lightening, accepts the color, and holds great curl after styling. hair cut off from a donor’s head, unprocessed, not dyed with the hair cuticle going in the same direction.  Most Vietnamese hair is sold to Germany, Israel, Ukraine, United Kingdom,  Italy, Argentina, France, Brazil, India, and the US.


10A+ Vietnamese hair is the best quality hair, long-lasting for more than 2 years, easy to bleached to #613, this hair is for the client who concerns about the quality not the price.