Nowadays,there are full of kind of laces in the hair market,like French lace,Medium brown lace,transparent lace,Swiss lace,HD lace ,Hollywood lace….and so on.But actually.there is only three kinds of lace in the hair market.

The name of three lace

French lace : also call the Medium brown lace,normal lace or regular lace

transparent lace:some hair vendors called it Swiss lace

HD lace : made from Swiss,So call it Swiss lace,and now have some hair vendor call it  Hollywood lace

What is the character of three kinds of lace?

French lace:kind of medium brown.The most classic lace in the hair market,look so call it normal lace or regular lace

Transparent lace:The lace color is Transparent and light.When you put foundation on it, the Transparent lace will melt in with the foundation.So some hair vendor would call Transparent lace as HD lace to sell.

HD lace:The most popular lace in the hair market nearly one year.At the first,people call it Swiss lace cause it is made from Swiss.What’s more.HD lace is the thinnest lace and when put on hand,the lace seems to would disappear.In order to catch more eyes,some hair vendor call it Hollywood lace.

So,What is the Real HD lace ?

There is some specialty of Real HD lace

1.Super thin lace

2.Natural hairlin

3.HD lace have molars around the mesh

 Question:Why some vendor sell fake HD lace?

Answer:Because there is only one machine in the world making HD lace, its production of HD lace is limited and cannot meet such a large hair market.And now the machine is starting to age, with less capacity.HD lace lace is more expensive, so many hair vendor in order to seek greater interests, with fake HD lace instead.