We make the textures with different sticks.

Step 1: Prepare the sticks you need.

Step 2: Wrap the hair around the sticks.

Step 3: Tear down the sticks and retaining clips, then wash the hair with clean water, after washing put some hair conditioner, and recovery the patterns that we made.

Step 4: Put the textured hair inside the high-temperature oven to finalize the hair texture, they will settle after 8 hours.

While virgin human hair is more and more popular, people are facing many hair patterns to make suitable hairstyles for themselves. There are straight hair, body wave hair, deep wave hair, curly hair weave, etc.

Many people prefer to choose curl hair, such as deep wave or curly hair, but they can’t know the differences between them and don’t know which hair pattern is their correct choice. In this article, we will talk about virgin deep wave human hair and virgin curly human hair.

For deep wave and curly hair bundles, sometimes customers may mix them up if you don’t distinguish them well because both of their curl patterns are similar. And there are many types of curly and wavy hair, although this image shows a generalized idea. Because they are both curls, despite they look very strong, wavy, and curly hair is easy to tangle and dry, they are actually pretty fragile, so the curled hair needs to be maintained well to keep them for a longer time.